Business Out Of Site

Business Out Of Site

Why do I need a web site?

You don’t…but you might like to have one. Even if you won’t be conducting business over the internet, without a web presence you’ll be missed.

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to do things just because other kids were doing them? Because “Everybody has one!” never got you much of anything besides a lecture on being an individual. In today’s business world mom might have to rethink some of her advice. That doesn’t mean you do everything the other guy does and there’s nothing wrong with marching to a different tune; heck, I’ve spent most of my life marching to my own tune and writing new lyrics, besides! But there are certain ‘touch stones’ that consumers expect from a business just like everyone seems to naturally assume you have an eMail address. They expect to conveniently find information about you and your products or services right on their computers whenever they want it.

A web site essentially means that you’re open 24/7/365 and people who may not be ready to talk with a sales person are free to browse at their leisure without feeling unwanted pressure. Speaking of such people, with a presence on the web, you’ll open your door wide enough to include about a billion and a half people in every country of the world…a few more than normally shop on your block, even if you’re located in New Jersey!

At the least, it’s a very affordable way to hand out your business cards or ‘mail’ millions of brochures, making information about your business available ‘on-demand’. What’s more, you can release this information on a timely basis and keep it current. At most, if you have a product or service that can be sold on-line, you now have a direct pipeline to a huge audience you would most likely never have reached by any other means. You can service existing as well as prospective customers better by making items like loan applications or discount coupons readily available for either download or on-line completion at the click of a button. You can also collect customer comments and reply to them without the extra cost and lack of response often associated with business reply mail.

You say you’re only a local business and don’t need a world audience? Then take advantage of the networking advantages offered by the internet. A web presence provides you with international exposure but that doesn’t prevent you from taking better care of your own neighborhood. From taking lunch orders to flower orders; making reservations for a bed and breakfast to dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant; checking tickets for the local playhouse to checking times for your local church service…it’s all being done through web sites on the world wide web.

Large business or small, no matter who or where you are, if you have competition you’d like to outpace, consider making the internet an active part of your sales team. You may not need a web site but you might like to have one, just so you’re not the one being missed.


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