Commerce WebCast

Welcome to our “COMMERCE PLACE” Webcast

It’s one thing to have your nose pressed up against the bakery window and another to be inside munching on a cookie. Me? I have a sweet tooth…but I haven’t always satisfied it by getting in line and following the crowd. Commerce Place provides a wide variety of information related to growing your Internet business and keeping it healthy … sometimes by forming your own line.

It’s all about communication and understanding why some things work and others don’t. Whether you’re a hands-on entrepreneur managing your own advertising and promotion or just like to peek over your agency’s shoulder from time to time, the no-nonsense viewpoint offered in these Podcasts may be just what you need to make sure you’re not caught on the outside looking in. Also check out my Everybody’s Business Blog, where you can comment and share your own thoughts and experiences.

We’ll be publishing our first Commerce Place Webcast in a matter of days! Thanks.